"Wildflower" 24x36 Self Portrait Oil on Canvas

“Wildflower” Oil self-portrait on canvas—purple represents my identity as a child of God, the king. The boat shape represents “building an ark”—felt like God told me to start creating original paintings & not worry about appearances just like Noah building an ark when it had never rained. And wildflower in corner is how God sees me—original and wild in the freest of ways. 🌸 this one was super freeing and emotional. I used to wonder why artists did so many self-portraits, but am getting it. There’s something to tapping in to your soul to create something from scratch & the message is usually personal. For someone who typically only likes the emotion of “happy” & would waaayyyy rather cheer someone on than get too personal, this is all new! Painting yourself is exposing, but maybe not caring about appearances is a good thing✨


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