"High Five" Palette Knife Oil Painting on Canvas

Looking down from the top of hill overlooking a refugee camp, I asked “where is the hope?” When I looked up, I saw the camp was surrounded by olive groves on all sides. Then, I noticed other small, but good things—babies grinning, women sharing, men working to help others set up tents for no reason other than kindness, and a long term relief worker and refugee kid who faked out a high five and laughed the truest laughs I’d ever seen.

This painting is my experience of both a broken heart and the hope I saw firsthand in a seemingly hopeless place. 100% of the money goes towards the long term worker I met at the camp—so he and his wife can stay and continue giving high fives to little kids. I’m asking a lot for this painting, but sometimes high fives are priceless.

Email me at katie@laneofroses.com for pricing.



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